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AMP – Ocean Keys Shopping Centre

Ocean Keys is a large shopping centre situated in Clarkson North of the river and has extensive gardens all the way around the entire city block with numerous trees and attractive garden beds and driveways that we have recently taken over the maintenance of. We are in the process of upgrading them with new mulch and planting attractive flowers in some of the garden beds. We have also upgraded the reticulation and maintain that as it’s the life blood of presenting a pleasant, and pleasing entrance to a well-managed and presented shopping centre making shopping a little more pleasant.

Watercorp – Platinum Waterwise Business Awards

Ocean Keys Shopping Centre is one of two businesses that have been awarded Platinum Waterwise Business of the Year for 2020.

Ocean Keys has recently become a mulch convert, describing it as an easy to way to create a good-looking garden while saving on the water bill. Mulching helps by maintaining moisture around the plant’s roots and can save up to 20% of water used for irrigation. However not all mulch is made equal; make sure you select the right one for your garden to get the most bang for your buck.

Good soil is the foundation of a healthy waterwise garden, and the healthier your soil is, the more drought-resistant your plants will be.

Sandy soil, commonly found in WA, has a low water and nutrient holding capacity. Here are some handy tips on how to improve your soil:

Mulch is like sunscreen for your soil

Applying mulch to your garden can greatly reduce evaporation loss, improve the soil, reduce plant stress and weed growth, as well as improve the appearance of your garden.

Lease Equity – Kingsway City

We took over the management of the gardens nearly 5 years ago not long after LEASE EQUITY gained management of the 15 odd acres of extensive gardens and lawns. Kingsway city is more than a shopping centre but a whole village with nearly every fast-food outlet and service / repair outfit in Perth represented with two of the major supermarkets as well. We inherited the gardens in a less than satisfactory condition with virtually no retic effectively working and not much in the way of gardens and we have transformed it into an oasis of colour, and interesting flowers with avenues of trees and shade to park under, with more to come as it transfers into the leading shopping venue north of the river.

Spencer Road Family Practice

An approx. 3-acre medical centre with extensive lawns and gardens around the multitude of medical facilities. With 12 doctors, several dentists, pharmacy, yoga centre, physiotherapist, podiatrist, clinical labs, and physiologist as well, it is a very busy place and managing the gardens with this much traffic is interesting. we have maintained and improved the gardens and resuscitated the reticulation. We have also attended to maintenance on the buildings and gardens here for nearly 5 years now and improved them slowly as it is the first thing the older community remark on, the pleasant and welcoming gardens and keeps them with a happy disposition.

ESM Strata

2 Brushfoot Boulevard – a business complex in Success

We have been repairing the retic, bottle brush trees and bushes plus maintaining this property for three years now and slowly upgrading it under clients instruction.

ESM Strata

89 Mill Point Road – 23 Apartments in the centre of Perth

We have been maintaining this property for 5 years now for this 25 unit site in the centre of Perth and trimming and removing trees.

ESM Strata Venice Apartments – Coolbellup

This apartment complex has extensive internal and external gardens where we have recently added numerous plants and shrubs to make it more attractive to potential new tenants.


We now look after 4 x Stateswim sites:

  • Stateswim Canningvale
  • Stateswim Secret Harbour
  • Stateswim Butler
  • Stateswim Joondalup

For the last 3 years, we have maintained the gardens lawns and service area, we trim the hedges and keep them trim and well-presented blow down the area and collect up the eternal leaf drop spray the garden beds weeds also in the pavers and curbs and entrances. and tidy up the service area and keep the radiators and air conditioners free of leaves to reduce the fire hazard.

Having looked after the Canningvale branch for the last 4 years effectively and to our clients’ satisfaction, we have now been appointed to look after 3 other State swim sites x 2 north of the river and two south of the river.

Mercy Health

Mercy Aged and Community Care – Villa Maria Independent Units

Mercy Health is the over body, mercy aged and community care is the subsidiary of that and then the actual property we are dealing with is villa maria independent units.


POWER LINK Canningvale 

Another commercial property whose property we manage, keeping the place neat and tidy for their many clients to enjoy. 

Alcoa Peel Regional Offices

in Pinjarra. Vendas Maintenance have recently been appointed to take over their extensive lawns and gardens and native trees. 

Acciona East Rockingham Waste to Energy Project

Where we have been managing the outside areas and bush, mowing the extensive grassy areas at the front, and under the grass trees and extensive areas inside the security fence of the property for the last three years.


I would like to express my appreciation and great work that Chris Venables has done here at Mercy Place Mandurah. Our gardens look fantastic as Christopher has put so much work and effort to bring our gardens back to life. This included fixing all our reticulation and setting up timers fixing broken sprinklers, our beautiful water fountain is a pleasure to listen to again. Chris has a great eye for detail and nothing is too much trouble. Chris maintains the Property at Mercy place Mandurah on a weekly basis and keeps it looking fantastic.

Kathy - Mercy Health Mandurah

Chris has been servicing our block of 25 apartment how for over a year.
Over this time Chris has been a champion with the upkeep of our lawn and garden, he is very hard working, He works unsupervised and is trusted 100% Chris has a pleasant attitude and can deal with an assortment of tenants, which we know can be testing at time. Chris has a broad knowledge of his trade, capable of find solutions when issues arise. I would recommend Chris Venables to any apartment, unit complex and single dwellings that requires maintenance, gardening and lawn services.

Farmer, Operations Manager - Roofing 2000

Chris Venables, has been attending to regular maintenance and care of the external parts of the building and landscaped areas of the Spencer Road Medical & Professional Centre (otherwise known as the Spencer Road Family Practice) for approximately 4 years. This includes, garden/landscaping care and development, lawn mowing and lawn care, retic system maintenance, removal of external refuse, removal of graffiti, cleaning and maintenance of brick paved pathways and other various external maintenance tasks. The owners of the Medical Centre confirm that Vendas Maintenance has carried out the above tasks consistently, reliably and with due care and attention with minimum supervision by the owners.

Owners of Spencer Road Medical & Professional Centre

Fantastic! Chris was very helpful, friendly, and he was just really good. He even taught me some of the things that he did.

Laurianne J

Vendas Maintenance did a very good gardening job. I am very happy with his job and I will be using his services regularly from now on.

Ian H

Chris provides a good, personal service and is able to provide suitable, cost-effective solutions to general handiwork.


He's done a great job. He provided me with some advice on how to keep the garden going properly and he was also very punctual.

Sian H

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