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  • A complete commercial lawn care program
  • Landscaping ideas
  • Soil and water analysis
  • Turf selection, nutrition and planting
    Solutions to agronomic problems (degree in Agriculture )
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  • Motivated teams with a strong work ethic
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I would like to express my appreciation and great work that Chris Venables has done here at Mercy Place Mandurah. Our gardens look fantastic as Christopher has put so much work and effort to bring our gardens back to life. This included fixing all our reticulation and setting up timers fixing broken sprinklers, our beautiful water fountain is a pleasure to listen to again. Chris has a great eye for detail and nothing is too much trouble. Chris maintains the Property at Mercy place Mandurah on a weekly basis and keeps it looking fantastic.

Kathy - Mercy Health Mandurah

Chris has been servicing our block of 25 apartment how for over a year.
Over this time Chris has been a champion with the upkeep of our lawn and garden, he is very hard working, He works unsupervised and is trusted 100% Chris has a pleasant attitude and can deal with an assortment of tenants, which we know can be testing at time. Chris has a broad knowledge of his trade, capable of find solutions when issues arise. I would recommend Chris Venables to any apartment, unit complex and single dwellings that requires maintenance, gardening and lawn services.

Farmer, Operations Manager - Roofing 2000

Chris Venables, has been attending to regular maintenance and care of the external parts of the building and landscaped areas of the Spencer Road Medical & Professional Centre (otherwise known as the Spencer Road Family Practice) for approximately 4 years. This includes, garden/landscaping care and development, lawn mowing and lawn care, retic system maintenance, removal of external refuse, removal of graffiti, cleaning and maintenance of brick paved pathways and other various external maintenance tasks. The owners of the Medical Centre confirm that Vendas Maintenance has carried out the above tasks consistently, reliably and with due care and attention with minimum supervision by the owners.

Owners of Spencer Road Medical & Professional Centre

Fantastic! Chris was very helpful, friendly, and he was just really good. He even taught me some of the things that he did.

Laurianne J

Vendas Maintenance did a very good gardening job. I am very happy with his job and I will be using his services regularly from now on.

Ian H

Chris provides a good, personal service and is able to provide suitable, cost-effective solutions to general handiwork.


He's done a great job. He provided me with some advice on how to keep the garden going properly and he was also very punctual.

Sian H

What commercial lawn care we offer

Maintaining a lawn is challenging in Perth, Western Australia’s climate, but we have specialists who know exactly how to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. A healthy, trimmed green carpet is the first thing a visiting client notices when he sees your place of business. It offers assurance that your business is as well-maintained as the grass. First impressions are lasting impressions, so it matters which company you hire for commercial mowing services. Choosing experienced professionals is an investment in the growth of your business.

Lawn Assessment

Before diagnosing problems and recommending treatments, our skilful team begin by assessing your lawn. Western Australia has a very specific climate and we have to assess the situation to include a wide variety of variables:

  • Sun and shade: how much of each for how long and where
  • Topography: slope of the land including the steepness of hills and the depths of the swales; access to water
  • Type of grass: drought and frost tolerance; speed of growth; colour retention throughout the year; ability to recover from damage; susceptibility or resistance to pests and diseases
  • And much, much more…Read more below!


  • Pests: active infestations or potentially pest-friendly locations; presence of armyworms, cutworms, African black beetle grubs, couch mites, billbug larvae, or ants
  • Diseases: the most common diseases affecting lawns are fungal
  • Invasive plants: native plants as well as aggressive non-native species; some self-sew by seeds but others have deep taproots or extensive longitudinal runners
  • Soil: type of soil; pH; porosity; texture; nutrient density; microbiome; potential for erosion; evidence of contamination from pollutants; geological characteristics such as underlying rock or issues with soil liquefaction
  • Water: soil moisture; drainage; water quality; abundance or scarcity; lawn access
  • Your preferences and expectations

The Plan of Action

Thorough diagnostics and ongoing monitoring we have a plan for your lawn care, treatment and prevention of any diseases. We offer you options every step of the way to provide a lush, thriving, welcoming lawn at your business’ location.

Commercial Lawn Mowing Perth

How often to mow depends on the season and weather conditions. A savvy commercial lawn mowing service in Perth will know the optimum height of trimmed grass to help prevent fire spread. Lawn areas have to be healthy and look great as it’s often part of the first impression clients have of your business.

In Western Australia one of the main concerns for commercial lawn care is the scarcity of water. Spells of drought are becoming longer and more frequent. Not only does water hydrate the leaves of the grass plants, but roots in moist soil can absorb necessary nutrients and dissolved oxygen. Good water retention means that symbiotic microbes will ward off pathogens. When the soil is hard and dry, even a pounding rainstorm will not rehydrate your lawn because the water quickly drains off. Knowing how much water to provide and when is part of the mowing service’s job. Utilising available water with a reticulation watering system is a great way to help you keep your lawn healthy.

Not Your Neighbourhood lawn mowing company

Our commercial lawn mowing service Perth does so much more than mow. We apply principles of lawn care using up-to-date best practices. We’ve have had specialised training in the safe use of our equipment and tools. We can tell the difference between grass damaged by fungus or malnutrition or nematode overgrowth or toxic chemicals in the water. When you research companies providing commercial mowing service, be sure to check their history of testimonials and complaints. You’ll want to know if their teams are OH&S-compliant and insured. Regular collaboration with local agencies involved in plant and soil health ensures knowledge of current state-of-the-art best practices. Who knew that commercial lawn mowing done right means familiarity with agronomy, climatology, botany, soil science, chemistry and toxicology? Our expertise in commercial lawn care will let you focus on your business.

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